Annabel Koele is a dancer, actress, performer and creator. She enjoys to constantly keep searching for new chances, opportunities and insights – within her dancing aswell as in conversation. This is why she enjoys the process of finding new tools and working with and getting to know other artists, for giving new channels of information and to exchange ideas.

Growing up in a family of musicians has led Annabel Koele to a true interest in music and it’s relation to dance, which is why music is always at the forefront of her creations. Next to music, she has had several experiences in combining film and dance, in which she discovered the power of screendance and the way it can change perceptions in dance.
After having received her BFA at Codarts University of the Arts and having worked as a dancer for Konzert Theater Bern in the heart of Switzerland, Annabel Koele is now very much interested in being part of creations and diving into new (own) works. With her background as contemporary dancer she has been developing her own movement language through improvisation and research, which she will continue to bring with her whilst being part of a creation – and being open for new physical languages at the same time. Currently based in Rotterdam she looks forward to meeting creators and collaborators around Europe who share a similar mindset and that are open for change in any aspect.